TVNHS SSG President Joins Division Federated Officers Oath- taking Ceremony

– Jennibeth V. Ilagan

TVNHS SSG President, Jessica Louis I. Peñaflor participated in the oath taking ceremony for the officers of the Division Federated Supreme Student Government and Federated Supreme Pupil Government, earlier today, November 14.

General Trias City’s Mayor, Luis “Jon-Jon” A. Ferrer IV, presided over the oath-taking ceremony, which took place in the Mayor’s Office.

Mayor Ferrer also expressed his gratitude to the recently elected Division Federated Supreme Student Government and Federated Supreme Pupil Government.

City Mayor, Luis “Jon-Jon” Ferrer IV, and City Vice Mayor, Jonas Glyn Labuguen, pledged their support for any programs, projects, and activities of the Division Federated SSG officials, so long as they benefited all Gentriseño students.

The newly elected Division Federated SSG officers, under the direction of Mr. Rommelle Saquilayan, Division Youth Formation Coordinator, and the SSG advisers, vowed to perform their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the student group permitted to run and conduct relevant programs, initiatives, and activities in schools.

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