ALIVE class for Non- Muslim Learners Kicks off

– Jennibeth V. Ilagan

Tropical Village National High School started the first day of ALIVE (Arabic Language and Islamic Values) classes to thirty- eight non-Muslim learners, today, March 1.

It aims to enhance their Arabic language proficiency and cultural awareness; and to develop an in-depth understanding of Muslim cultures, traditions, practices, and beliefs to foster respect, inclusion, and peaceful co-existence.

The ALIVE class which is participated by thirty- eight (38) non-Muslim learners from the Grade 9 level who were part of the elective class were those who answered ‘Yes” during the survey conducted is divided into two phases. Each phase is composed of seven (7) sessions. Phase 1: Teaching Islamic Principles, including Sharia Terminology, Tahara (cleanliness), the Pillars of Faith, the Pillars of Islam, Drinks Kharaam, Meals Kharaam, and Things Prohibited in Islam. In contrast, Phase 2, which focuses on Arabic education, covers the following topics: daily Arabic expression, Arabic phonemes, Arabic phonemes, letter stroke, letter stroke, and cursive writing.

The elective subject was made possible through the initiative and effort of Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV, along with Sir Jaymark Doca, MEP Coordinator, Ms. Regine C. Reforma, Asatidz, Sherwida Jawali, and Abdullah Macaampao.

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