TVNHS Conducts Giant Snake and Ladder Game For Selected Tropicalian Learners

Tropical Village National High School conducted a giant snake and ladder game to the selected Tropicalian learners earlier today, April 18.

As a part of Project SINuLiD STAR, students played the Giant Snake and Ladder Game with a focus on Level III readers.

The Level 3 students were divided into three teams. Each team was given a counter.

To play this game, a representative from each team should roll the dice. The team should move the counter forward by the number of spaces shown on the dice. Each space has a word to read before they move forward on the spaces shown on the dice.

If the counter lands at the bottom of a ladder, team can move up to the top of the ladder. If the counter lands on the head of a snake, team must slide down to the bottom of the snake.

The Giant Snake and Ladder Game, as part of the activity for Project SINuLiD STAR, participated by selected Tropicalian learners.

If the team fails to read the word at three attempts, their counter will stay on the word space where they cannot read and wait for their next turn. The first team to get to the space that says “home” will be declared winner.

The teachers assigned to each group were responsible for verifying if the players pronounced the words correctly or not.

During the competition, participants were excited and thrilled to play the game and the team also demonstrated teamwork.

Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV and Ms. Ma. Glecita C. Columna, EPS-English also tries the Giant Snake and Ladder.

Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV, assisted and helped one of the players of the Giant Snake and Ladder game. He gave the player clues by sounding out the letters of the word he was stepping into.

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