TVNHS Holds Human Word Factory Game For Selected Tropicalian Learners

Ms. Jennibeth Ilagan, English teacher, and selected Tropicalian learners eagerly participated in Human Word Factory Game as part of Project SINuLiD STAR.

Earlier today, April 18, Tropical Village National High School held a Human Word Factory Game for selected students.

The Human Word Factory Game was played by students as a part of Project SINuLiD STAR, with a focus on Level II readers.

The players were divided into two groups for this contest. Each member wore a uniform with two embroidered letters on the front and back.

Teams were required to construct as many words as possible using only the letters on their bodies. Each team had 10 minutes for Level I, 15 minutes for Level II, and 20 minutes for Level III.

The teachers assigned to each group were responsible for verifying and recording the words they had formed. The winning team was the one that has the most number of words formed.

The participants were enthusiastic and eager to create as many words as they could. While playing the game, the team also displayed teamwork and unity.

Yellow team beats their opponent, the Green Team, by a single point.

The winning team, which was the Yellow team, was a point away from their opponent, the Green team.

The Human Word Factory game was part of the one-day culminating activity for Project SINuLiD STAR, which intended to help students form words with CV, VC, CVC, and CVV, as well as other words learned during the reading intervention sessions.

The Yellow Team, under the direction of their team leader, strategically arranged the letters affixed to their uniform to create as many words as they could.

Because of their amazing teamwork and camaraderie during the game, they were able to beat their opponent, the Green Team, by a single point.

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