Facilities and Equipment – 1st Quarter 2023


March 31
Replacing of Old Cover to a New One for the Drainage Improvement
March 28
Installation of TV at Remulla Building
March 24
Placing of Fire Extinguishers beside the Door
March 22
Completion of Finishing the Walls or Partition
March 21
Fixing the Defective Outlet in One of the Rooms in the 2nd Floor in the New Building
March 20
Putting up the Wall Partition of the Two Restrooms and its Entrance
March 18
Completion of Cementing the Flooring of the Restroom
March 15
Installation of Pipeline and Sewage in the Restroom
March 14
Completion of the New Septic Tank at Back of the Stage
March 7
Establishing and Completing of Lighting in the 2nd Floor of the Main Building
March 7
Establishing and Completing of Lighting in the 2nd Floor of the Main Building
March 3
Excavating for Septic Tank for the Rest Room at the Back of the Stage
March 2
Installation of Additional Wall Fan in 8 Rooms of New Building
March 1
Lighting of Corridor in 2nd Floor Main Building


February 22
Aligning of Television to Eye-Level (SBM Room)
February 17
Repairing of Defective Light in MAPEH Faculty
February 16
Repairing of Light in the Corridor of New Building
February 14-15
Repairing of Ceiling along the Entrance Gate
February 10
Repairing of Steel Gate, right entrance of New Building due to Safety Reasons
Repairing of Wall Fan Switch in New Building Rooms
February 8-9
Construction of Metal Screen for Display of School Official Announcements


January 31
Restoring of Door in ICT LAB and Covering of Flat sheet
January 19
Developing the Compost Pit into Working Area
January 11-16
Renovating of Washing Facility
January 9
Repairing of Electrical Switch at the Corridor of the 2nd Floor of New Building
January 6
Fixing of Electrical Outlet in the New Building Rooms
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