Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus and Asatidz talk with the Muslim Parents

Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV, and Asatidz had a conversation with the Muslim Parents in a meeting held in ALIVE Room, Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Dr. Creus personally informed the parents regarding the plan of having a Culminating Activity and Moving up Ceremony of MADRASAH Education in the school.

He updated the parents regarding the program and projects that the school is implementing for the Muslim learners.

In addition, Sir Creus said that the school is also conducting ALIVE classes for Non-Muslim Learners and AERCA for teachers. This is for the purpose of cultural awareness and understanding other group of people who are in the school and community. Also, this will benefit them because earners and teachers who are attending will gain additional

knowledge about Arabic Language and Islamic Values.

In his speech, Sir Creus asked a favor to Muslim parents to convey to other parents who are members of the Muslim community that the school has a plan and a good program for them. And encourage them to attend this program for Muslim students.

Uztads Abdullah Macaampao with the help of other Asatidz, facilitated this meeting with the parents.

He gave an overview about the plan of having a culminating activity for Muslim students this coming July 3, 2023. And one of the activities to be conducted is the School-based Musabaqah.

Also, the Asatidz plan to recognize ALIVE students with exemplary performance in Arabic Language and behavior throughout the school year.

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