Two Tropicalian Learners Take Part in LearnCon PH

Selected students who took part in Learning Convergence Philippines including our very own Mr. Aaron Codoy (the guy on the left-most part) and Ms. Jessica Peñaflor (the girl on the right-most part)

Mr. Aaron Codoy and Ms. Jessica Peñaflor, two of our very own Tropicalian students, took part in Learning Convergence Philippines, which had 2,190 participants overall from 17 Philippine regions and 228 Schools Division Offices (SDOs).

Mr. Codoy and Ms. Peñaflor on the left

The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Learner Support Service-Youth Formation Division (BLSS-YFD), under the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Operations (OASOPS), has graciously put forth this year’s LearnCon PH with the theme “#SaMakabata: Sentro ng Karunungan, Huwaran ng Kagalingan,” from July 29 to August 3.

This 6-day program was organized for learners to obtain knowledge on various timely topics and to empower them as they went home to their communities.

The participants received enlightenment from the plenary talks, panel discussions, and thematic learning sessions from different guest speakers. In addition, they exhibited their skills and talents in the presentation of outputs at simultaneous learning sessions and cultural performances at the convergence night.

“The experience at LearnCon PH was a full package. We had so many realizations from the ideas experts shared with us and had a chance to showcase our abilities to people. But not only that, we also get to interact and collaborate with many great learners from diverse regions of our country. And I got inspired to apply this learning and spread it to other students as well,” commented Ms. Jessica.

-Jessica Peñaflor

Selected Learners Proudly Represent SDO General Trias City on LearnCon PH
The learner-representatives from SDO General Trias City as they proudly took a pose during the LearnCon PH.
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