TVNHS holds SLAC on Proper Integration of HOTS

The school in the leadership of Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV, held a School-based LAC entitled “Proper Integration of HOTS in the Classroom Settings” which was attended by all the teachers at Tropical Village National High School on November 8, 10, 2023.

Mrs. Arlene V. Ferrer, Teacher III, comprehensively discussed on Higher Order Thinking Skills or HOTS to teachers and how they will integrate it to the lessons. She also discussed the SOLO Method focusing on the questions.

There was also an open forum which was facilitated by Mrs. Dayren B. Bawalan, Teacher III. Some of the teachers raised questions to clarify things on their mind

regarding HOTS and SOLO. As a result, teachers have gained more knowledge during these sessions.

On the last day of the seminar, November 10, 2023, there was demonstration teaching that was participated by Mrs. Jade Rhodie B. Dela Rama, MAPEH Teacher, and Ms. Hadassah V. Recare, English Teacher. Afterwards, the assigned evaluators gave their comments and commended the extra effort done by the demo-teachers.

This activity was conducted successfully through the effort and dedication of the members of the Technical Working Group TWG in the headship of Mrs. Lina M. Potante, Master Teacher I/Proponent.

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