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In the Cavite province’s General Trias city, there is a barrio named San Francisco. According to the 2020 Census, there are 83,629 people living there. This accounted for 18.56% of General Trias’ whole population.

Geographical Location

San Francisco is located roughly at 14.3152 and 120.9156. At these coordinates, elevation is thought to be 89.3 meters, or 293.0 feet, above mean sea level. With the other barangays in General Trias City, San Francisco has a shared border.

Political / Geopolitical

San Francisco elected officials from 2018 up to the current year are as follows:

Barangay Chairperson(Captain): Eduardo Lacson Umali

Kagawad(Councilor): Ryan Tapawan Santor

Kagawad(Councilor): Leonardo Corpuz Martinez

Kagawad(Councilor): Edna Tasis Reyes

Kagawad(Councilor): Gary Dela Rea Lumagui

Kagawad(Councilor): Bienvenido Ignaco Cortez Jr.

Kagawad(Councilor): Allan Ronquillo Perdito

Kagawad(Councilor): Randolf Corpuz Geneveo

SK Chairperson: Jaycel Romero Mendoza

Barangay Secretary: Rodolfo Gallego Chua



                   San Francisco had 74,280 households, or an average of 4.22 people per home, according to the 2015 Census. These households were divided into 17,593 different households.

Population by age group

     The age group with the biggest population in San Francisco, according to the 2015 Census, is 10 to 14 years old, with 7,940 people. In contrast, the age category with the lowest population has 245 people in it: 80 and older.

The History of the TVNHS School Heads-Chronology of School Heads

Mr. Lumubos (1995-)

Dr. Elisa D. Hernandez (-October 1998)

Dr. Nelda G. Dator (October 1998- December 1998)

Dr. Delia R. Romanes (May 1998- 2001)

Mr. Rolando Dili- Dili ( 2001-2002)

Mrs. Paulita G. Zafra ( June 2022- November 2019)

Mrs. Corazon L. Novelo ( July 2019- August 2021)

Historical Development of Tropical Village National High School

Established on August 1, 1995, Tropical Village National High School is located at Tropical Village, Brgy. San Francisco, Gen. Trias City with its total land area of 4,921 sq meters.

          TVNHS has nineteen distinct buildings, of which are occupied as classroom instructions and faculty for each department. Four of these are two 2-storey buildings while the other one is a three-storey building. Put together, there are a total of 25 classrooms in the school. There is also one dedicated Computer Laboratory, one Science Laboratory, a Food Laboratory, a Practice House, a library, one conference room, an SBM center, and a garden. These are all built to provide the students, teachers, and other stakeholders with the best and most conducive learning environments needed for specific matters.

          There are currently 66 teachers in the school serving more than 1000 learners. To accommodate this learner population, the school operates in two Each class has a population ranging from 40-45 students. The students are also provided with Learners’ Materials for their classes as made available by the DepEd. Additional references and reading materials are also available at the school library. The ancillary rooms like Food and Science Laboratories are well-maintained to cater to students in need of these rooms. The school canteen also provides nutritious meals and food to the students at reasonable prices during recess. There are also enough comfort rooms for the student’s needs. Altogether, these facilities ensure that the students have the best possible learning environment within the school.

          Despite unavoidable circumstances that quite affect the school’s major clientele who are the students, learning is still fostered well within the school as the teachers are all highly qualified because 90% of the teachers are currently upgrading themselves through Post Graduate Education. TVNHS learners are still given high-quality education without compromise. Teachers as assisted and guided by their Keys plan their lessons well using Daily Lesson Logs or Detailed Lesson Plans. Teachers integrate ICT since each classroom has a TV.

          TROPICAL VILLAGE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL may be a small fish in a large pond, but with the help of the administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community, as well as the local government, the DepEd’s vision and purpose will be realized and attained.

          To give students the learning they require, Tropical Village NHS will continue to act as a “Catalyst of Change” in the community.

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