Tropical Village National High School Receives a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica

TVNHS received a set of Encyclopedia Britannica from Mr. Fermin E. Laguna through Sir Louie Sonny D. Rivera and Ms. Joyce Laguna.

Tropical Village National High School has received a set of Enclyclopedia Britannica from Mr. Fermin E. Laguna and family from Imus, Cavite through Sir Louie Sonny D. Rivera, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and Ms. Joyce Laguna, a former student of our very own school principal , Sir Mark Airon P. Creus at Rogationist College, Silang Cavite.

Ms. Laguna has been looking for a prospective recipient for their encyclopedia as no one in the family was utilizing it anymore.

TVNHS was extremely fortunate to be chosen as the receiver of the most prized collection of encyclopedias at the time.

he donated Encylopedia will not only be kept in a steel cabinet and displayed on a book shelf, but it will also be available for all Tropicalian Learners to have and hold, allowing them to experience the unique feeling of holding and using a genuine and authentic learning material.

We all know that no matter how technologically advanced today’s generation of learners is, genuine and authentic learning materials are still important and would provide a unique sense of satisfaction and belonging as they reflect on how education and learning took place prior to technology.

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