Tropicalian learners Compete Against Supervisors, SPTA and SGC Members in Giant DAMATH Game

By: Khalid Lajda

Tropical Village National Highschool, held a special festival and program called the Math Festival. Many students of Tropical Village were excited to take part. This festival aimed to celebrate our unity through mathematics and spread this belief to the students via multiple contests that encouraged them to adopt this idea. These activities ranged from writing essays to making posters and more. But out of all the competitions held, one stood out amongst the rest to the eyes of many, which is none other than the giant DAMATH board game. on Friday, March 17.

The giant DAMATH contest became something special in the perception of learners, for it holds what may possibly be the most unique and energizing game idea there is in the entire festival. It is a large replica of the real board game DAMA, or, as it is more commonly known, Checkers. Due to its unlikeable, unusual nature that isn’t akin to the other contests, it caught the attention of students alike, which resulted in many registering and joining it.

Because of its unexpected style, the giant DAMATH contest contained rules that cannot be seen in the other events, for it is based on a board game that accommodates a strict set of rulings. In order for you to easily understand how giant DAMATH works, you must first understand how the actual board game that I was inspired from works, and in that way, it is easier to comprehend the actual giant version of it.

The giant DAMATH contest turned out to be a successful venture for the school, as it was a fun activity for the participants that played in it. It successfully cultivated the minds of many to be much more thoughtful regarding math, and it also taught them how to work as a team. At the end of the day, it was largely helpful to many students and their perception of math, and this also helped promote the idea of the unity that mathematics can bring to us.

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