TVNHS Vigorously Implements Week 1 of the National Learning Camp

TVNHS vigorously implemented week one of the National Learning Camp with an astounding attendance of campers and teachers. The nationwide implementation was conducted in support of the MATATAG Basic Education Agenda and as a sub-program of the National Learning Recovery Program (NLRP) created to address learning loss caused by the pandemic.

Grade 8 – Consolidation Camp – Outdoor Activity – Fact or Bluff Game
Grade 7 Intervention Camp – Indoor activity – Amazing Race

The Enhancement Camp teachers provided tough games and mind-boggling tasks to campers who had demonstrated intellect and innovation. The tasks were all interrelated and required a lot of knowledge and ingenuity from every camper in order to perform exceptional outputs in the task given whether in the classroom or outside.

The teachers who were assigned to the Consolidation Camp were responsible for providing learners with a variety of supplementary exercises and other assignments. These were designed to help learners maintain and improve the skills they had acquired from previous competencies.

Grade 7 – Intervention Camp – Outdoor Activity – Bingo English and Math Game

The teachers at the Intervention Camp were very enthusiastic about teaching the campers the fundamentals of English, such as reading and comprehension, as well as counting in Mathematics. It was a tough task for both teachers and learners but the idea of making an impact on the lives of learners and the feeling of satisfaction with the result of learners’ performance was indeed rewarding.

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