ESP and Filipino Education Program Supervisors Monitor the Third Day of TVNHS’s Culminating Activity

On June 20, Dr. Rizal M. Vidallo, Education Program Supervisor in ESP, and Mr. Arnaldo O. Estareja Jr., EPS in Filipino, monitored the ongoing culminating activity at the school.

Dr. Vidallo and Mr. Estareja Jr., accompanied by Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, Principal IV, and Mrs. Mariglo S. Bayot, Head Teacher III, visited the exhibits of the six learning areas conducting their culminating activity on the third day.

Along with Dr. Creus and Mrs. Bayot, the two supervisors, went from booth to booth, observed, and even participated in the various learning activities.

Each learning area showcased and presented the interactive and engaging activities they had planned for the Tropicalian students and visitors.

Dr. Vidallo and Sir Estareja were astounded by the ESP department’s short films and other entertaining educational activities.

They also explored and appreciated the Filipino department’s organized and developed exhibit.

In addition, the two supervisors went over the historical and antique items that were gathered by the AP department for their exhibition.

They were even amazed the educational games prepared by the Math and English Department such as Giant Damath, Giant Snake and Ladder as well as the food prepared by the learners under the TLE Department’s Food Expo.

Overall, they appreciated and commended the MELC-based learning activities prepared by each learning area.

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